This course is intended solely for individuals working in California who need to meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA Title 8 Regulations. If you are working in any other state then you should take the Qualified Rigger Level 1 Course.

Earn Your California Rigger Designation

Our California Rigger Course provides the necessary training to meet the Cal/OSHA standards of a Qualified Person (Rigger).

This 5-6 hour self-paced online multi-media course covers OSHA regulations, Cal/OSHA Title 8 Regulations, ASME standards, the use and inspection of slings, rigging hardware, load weight and other areas critical to understanding and operating a safe job site. This course is recommended for all employees who are working within the fall zone of a load and especially if they are involved in the hooking and unhooking of the load or in the guiding of a load.
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Course curriculum

Section 1 Safety Standards and Regulations

Section 2 Inspections

Section 3 Wire Rope Slings

Section 4 Chain Slings

Section 5 Synthetic Web Slings

Section 6 Round Slings

Section 7 Mesh Slings

Section 8 Rigging Hardware and Hooks

Section 9 Plate Clamps, Lifting Magnet and Vacuum Lifts

Section 10 Hooks

Section 11 Below the Hook Lifter

Section 12 Manual Hoist Inspection

Section 13 WLL, Lifts and Rigging Plan

Section 14 Capacity Examples