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Earn Your California Rigger Designation

Our California Rigger Level 1 Course provides the necessary training to meet the OSHA, ASME and Cal/OSHA standards of a Rigger. This 5-6 hour self-paced online multi-media course covers OSHA regulations, the use and inspection of slings, rigging hardware, load weight and other areas critical to understanding and operating a safe job site, allowing the rigger trainee to work under the supervised direction of a Qualified Rigger (“Certified”).

NOTE: New regulations go into effect on December 17, 2022 - under ASME B30.5- Qualified Riggers (“Certified”) are required when working with any type of Mobile Crane including Crawler Cranes, Locomotive Cranes, Wheeled Cranes and any variations of cranes that retain the same fundamental characteristics of 1 ton or more. Qualified Riggers must pass written and practical examinations (“Certified”).
So, if you are involved with rigging for one of the above-mentioned cranes, you should proceed to our Cal/OSHA Title 8 Certified Rigger Level 1 course.
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