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Earn Your California Certified Rigger Designation

Our Cal/OSHA Title 8 Certified Rigger Package includes the online 5-6 hour self-paced California Rigger Level 1 course including the required Cal/OSHA Title 8 sections, practical instruction video, a timed Essential Rigging test, a timed Practical test (must score at least 80% on each) and a required instructor session via Zoom.

NOTE: New regulations go into effect on December 17, 2022 - under ASME B30.5- Qualified Riggers (“Certified”) are required when working with any type of Mobile Crane including Crawler Cranes, Locomotive Cranes, Wheeled Cranes and any variations of cranes that retain the same fundamental characteristics of 1 ton or more. Qualified Riggers must pass written and practical examinations (“Certified”).

The tests can be taken at any time after you have completed the course. You can review the course material as much as you like prior to taking the tests.

Upon successful completion you will receive:

  • on-line certificate
  • wallet card valid for 2 years
  • hard hat sticker
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